Monday, May 1, 2017


Plutonium was discovered in 1941 by Glenn Seaborg, Joseph Kennedy, Arthur Wahl, and Edwin McMillan.
Plutonium is highly radioactive and you mainly hear about plutonium when it comes to nuke-clear bombs. With that being said it is very dangerous to be around. When someone is hit with Alpha radiation which is the most dangerous type of radiation it enters the body through the lungs and then moves throughout the body into the bones, liver, and other organs. When Alpha radiation is in your body you have a high chance to end up having lung or liver cancer which both are really bad. What makes plutonium more dangerous is that it when it is contaminated it will take up 10 to 20 times its normal life span. Plutonium on the periodic table is labeled Pu. From what I have found is that there is a little amount of natural plutonium on Earth and most of it is made synthetically. Plutonium is an interesting subject I found out a lot of things I didn't know about it and I hope to do more research on it in the future. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


     Discrimination. There are many types of discrimination and some that still go on today that can very harmful to people that are trying to fight for more equality between male and female like pay or jobs. But it isn't just equality that is a problem it is something like teasing someone about there religion or what someone can or can't do. I think discrimination is a big problem today because there are people from the past that still hold grudges on whites for the they did to them, forcing them to work on plantations and being able to "be mad" whenever they wanted to just so they could whip the workers which today is against the law.

      Something like harassment is a big deal to. Not a lot of people know that according to  say twenty-seven percent of women do not feel safe walking tot their home at night compared to the forty-five percent of men say they are fine with walking home at night. Along with that in other countries there is a lot of male and women inequality. Inequality includes not getting the same pay as males and being able to have the same jobs. All of this harassment and racial discrimination you learn from parents, friends, and other people that have been around when racial discrimination was going and it still is.

     It changed my view by finding out other examples to understand discrimination more. Also it helps understand what discrimination is and how it affects people. Along with where and why it happens. The big thing is that it should not have to happen anymore but it will more than likely happen for many more years to come. What I need is more information on where most inequality takes place and why some women can't do what other men can't. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Why your eyes are colored

Why are your eyes colored. I have wanted to know about that for a decent period of time. I want to know why your eyes change colors if they even do. Also the most common types and rarest types of eyes. The most important thing is that how do you even get your color of your eye.

According to they say that you get your eye color from someone in your family or your genes. Which means you could get your eyes from your dad, mom, uncle and so on. Now the common and the rare eye colors. The most common is brown. Following that are blue and grey, with green being the rarest. In addition to having eye color they can also change in color. This can be caused by a number of things. states that diseases, trauma, and aging can lead to eye color change. Exposing your eyes to much of the sun and the ultraviolet(UV) rays can have a big effect to. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Argumentative/Human Cloning

     Human Cloning should not be aloud. I think that cloning should not be aloud because if the people cloning get something wrong with the formula then something terrible could happen, For example the experiment could go wrong and then the clones could take over the world and then we would be ruled by clones. Just think how that would go! Also the experiment might run on nuclear energy and that part of the world could blow, the surface not the actually world.  The clones may also cause a lack of supplies for the rest of the humans: like food, water, or building materials to make houses. In sports you could clone a team that was cloned after the best athlete in that sport and then you would have an unfair advantage because you would have the best player to ever play that sport in all there DNA and the other teams that were playing them would always lose.

     These are the reasons why I think that cloning should not be allowed.

Friday, February 10, 2017

February, 10

 I have not blogged in forever so here is my update.

There has been a lot that has gone on since my last blog. I am now in wrestling season and the last time I blogged was when it was football season which was about two to three months ago. We will start with wrestling. I am doing better than last year by getting to wrestle in 2 varsity meets and one of them I actually wrestled with the varsity team the other was with our Junior Varsity that went to a varsity meet to compete and get better. Also in the room I have been working three times harder than I have been. How have I been doing that is by wrestling with two varsity wrestlers and when we condition I try to never quit and fight through it. But wrestling with the other two is not just helping me it is helping them to. One of them has a record of 39 wins and 8 losses and the other one has a record of 28 and 15. Both of them are older and better but as long as they are breathing hard, getting better, and I am making it harder than I am doing my job as a partner to both of them. But in the end if they become state champions than I say I helped them get that title every wrestler thrives and grinds for.

This Saturday we go to we go to our to last JV meet which I hope goes well for our whole team and everyone as a fun time. Being part of this team has really helped me find out who I really am. Your probably wondering what does that mean. Well it means that I know how good I can be. Also will I know that I get can through anything life throws at me now matter how hard it is. When my season ends I will probably go help kids that are younger than me and help make them better.

In school I am doing better in the subjects that were somewhat hard for me but now as we approach the end of the third quarter they are getting easier. The subjects that I had some struggles were Math and English. The reason I think I struggled with them was because in the previous years I did not really understand them that well and only knew how to do a few things. In my opinion Math was the harder of the two but it has gotten WAY easier now that I ask more questions to try to understand everything and ask my parents for help to when I have homework. In English I am understanding everything much better now that we are doing things in a different way. What I mean by that is that we are doing a thing called an informative its like an essay but your teacher gives you a subject to write about.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


My favorite sport is probably wrestling. Wrestling is a very fun sport that involves a lot of mental and physical strength. I have been wrestling for ten years which means I have been wrestling since I was 3. Wrestling has kinda been my life for the past ten years working out, building confidence, learning more, paying more attention to everything, and getting better as I wrestle more an more. What I have learned about the sport is you have to be able to take lots of losses and come back the next day thinking the same way you went into yesterdays meet ready to wrestle and do your best you can out there, and wrestle till you hear the last second tick off the clock and be able to say ¨I did good today."

I think the most rewarding part of the sport is being able to help kids younger than you, kids that don't have a lot of experience like I do, and becoming a champion at a weight out of the whole state. Also being a wrestler for along time now people start to think I must be getting bored of the sport and I must be starting to rap up my career but they are wrong mine has just begun. What I mean by that is I wasn´t very good for along time probably up until fifth grade I really started to work extra hard by practicing with the Varsity team and Junior High guys. I know those guys so and they know each other so well that it really feels like you are part of a second family. I say that because if in practices the older kids really have inspired me to work hard and they also give me compliments on hard I work, and how I don´t give up no matter who I wrestle which normally two varsity guys which I learn from. Also by spending time in the weight room with my dad who is the assistant coach that was a 3 time state champ. My dad has really encourages me to stay positive win or lose and to always keep my emotions in check and if I don he normally is the one who can only calm me down and stay focused and I am not going to lie I do get pretty heated when I lose but who doesn´t it is part of sports. He has been a big part of my wrestling life with his experience and motivation to drive and keep going no matter the person, no matter how big they are or if they have a lot of years wrestling, always do my best and keep going.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Last Friday we didn't have school which I guess was a good thing because we didn't have any work to do and I got to stay home and do nothing which was amazing. Also we have a wrestling meet tomorrow which I will talk about more in the next paragraph. What is even better though is we had a three day week last week and now we have a three day weak this weak because of Thanksgiving which will be amazing.

Now for wrestling. Our first meet is tomorrow which is going to awesome because well it is the first meet and who doesn't love the first meet or game or something like that I mean first day jitters are awesome and exhilarating gets me ready to go and to do my best. I think the most important aspect of wrestling is to always stay confident and never give up because our periods are 1:30 seconds and we have 3 periods and that is a long time to come back and win so I think that is the most important aspect of wrestling for me. Also another important aspect of wrestling is to be a good teammate and always cheer on your team so they stay confident and so they don't give up and end up losing.